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Long-Haired Syrian Hamster

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Long-Haired Syrian Hamster. Are energetic and athletic creatures that make great pets. Their fur-lined pouches extend from their head to their shoulders, which helps them to transport food. Learn more about these fascinating creatures, their behaviors, and how to care for them in the sections below.

Experience Level: Beginner

Expected Size: Dwarf hamsters grow up to 3 to 4 inches (8-10 cm). Syrian hamsters grow up to 5 to 7 inches (13-18 cm).

Lifespan: On average, they live for 2 years.

Behavior: Hamsters are nocturnal and love running on their hamster wheels at night

Diet: Hamsters are omnivores.

Social: While Syrian hamsters are sociable with humans, they are solitary animals and should live alone. Most Dwarf hamsters, however, are social animals and can be housed with another of the same sex.

Vet Assured: Pets purchased at Megabirdbreeder are part of our exclusive Vet Assured program, designed by Megabirdbreeder veterinarians to help improve the health and well-being of our pets. Our vendors meet a high standard in caring for pets and screening them for common illnesses, including Zoonotic diseases. This program also includes specific standards for in-store pet care.

The Megabirdbreeder Promise: If your pet becomes ill during the initial 14-day period, or if you’re not satisfied for any reason, PetSmart will gladly replace the pet or refund the purchase price.

Safety tips for you and your pet:
1. ALL ANIMALS can potentially carry viral, bacterial, fungal, and parasitic diseases contagious to humans. 2. Thoroughly wash your hands with
warm, soapy water before and after contact with any pet or its habitat. 3. Adults should assist children with hand washing after contact with a pet or its enclosure. 4. Use caution when handling pets, and remember they may bite or scratch, especially when stressed.

Long-Haired Syrian Hamster

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